Service and Inspection

We can help you keep your fleet on the road running at peak efficiency. Take advantage of our full range of services and our well-stocked parts inventory.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of MC331-Type Vessels for use with Propane (LPG), Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspections of Quench and Tempered (QT) Vessels
  • Thickness Testing of Vessels
  • Annual Visual and Leakage (VK) Inspections
  • Meter Calibration and Repairs
  • Repairs to All Truck-Mounted Propane Delivery Equipment
  • Annual DOT Chassis Inspection
  • Brake, Clutch and Transmission Repairs
  • LPG Carburetion Repairs
  • LPG Parts