When is a pressure test (hydrotest) due?

MC 331 cargo tanks less than 3,500 gallons water capacity in dedicated propane service constructed of NQT SA-612 steel: 10 year intervals

Uninsulated MC 331 cargo tanks in dedicated propane service: 5 year intervals

The rule in 49 CFR § 180.407 was amended July 18, 2018 to remove confusion and states “the 10-year inspection period for eligible CTMVs applies from the date the most recent pressure test and internal inspection were performed.” In 2017 that was not clear.

Run all your trucks every year

A cargo tank that has been out of hazardous materials transportation service for a period of one year or more must be pressure tested prior to further use according to 49 CFR § 180.407, so deliver with your backup truck too.

Date Markings

Please check the right date. We sometimes find tanks incorrectly marked with only a “retest” date instead of correctly marking the date the test was performed.

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